April 15th through April 27th

I think I might be growind deranged. We shall see…


April 15th

I give up on returning to my old WoW friends. I decided to grab the shovel and bury that dried husk. Those with whom I still talk, however, are left outside of that shallow grave.

Seems like my french exam is on the 27th. I should pratice for that.


April 16th

I feel uneasy not doing anything. I need to find a real occupation.


April 17th

Hugo is starting to get on my nerves. Maybe I should step away from him for a while.


April 18th

I needed a new pair of glasses so I could do one of the exams, so we headed to the ophtamologist today.


April 19th

I insulted my brother by watching him eating.

Maybe I shouldn’t have laughed too hard at him once he grabed the knives to threaten me, but I couldn’t stop.


April 20th

Today is a holiday, but that holds no meaning for me right now.


April 21st

I forgot about a meeting we were having with my old schoolmates. Woops.


April 22nd

Last french class before the exam.

Hugo is still grating my nerves.


April 23rd

The glasses we’d ordered are finally here. I don’t know if I’ll get used to them fast enough, but I’ll try.


April 24th

Seems like a DotA 2 patch will be coming out soon. Can’t wait to see the changes.


April 25th

I should study some for my french exam, but I simply can’t focus.


April 26th

Hugo is starting to wound me deeply, but I can’t show that to them. I’d never hear the end of it.


April 27th

The french exam was very easy. Hope I get a good grade.


Hugo made me snap.

I turned off the notifications on the chat and said I’d be back in between 1 hour and a rough estimate of when I’d die.

I then watched them play League of Legends quietly and wished their loss for 2 games in a row.

They lost those two games humiliatingly.


April 7th through April 14th

April 7th

I really don’t wanna be in this course anymore.

And I’ve also given up on watching the movie.


April 8th

I really don’t know how to do all this texturing and modelling. Definitely not what I’d want to do later on.


April 9th

I wound up skipping all french classes this week. Hope I don’t get into too much trouble for that.

Mother is leaving for a few days so it’ll be just me and my brother.


April 10th

Was supposed to attend a philosophy test today. I’ll go with no.


April 11th

Yeah, I gave up on it for real. Gonna lock the semester next week.


April 12th

Too lazy to do anything today.


April 13th

Seems like I studied by myself enough to last two weeks in french class. That was surprising.

Tomorrow I’ll take my first driving exam.


April 14th

Those exams were really weird.

A bunch of logic things, and I swear it’s the lady herself who writes in those books those misleading tips.

I discovered that Efie has removed me as a friend from Battle tag, and I’m now wondering how long ago she did that.

Still want to talk to her, but since she only played WoW and I don’t have access to it anymore… or do I?


I tried talking to Braebürn and the weirdest thing happened.

I had a friend message him about it, and he thanked my friend for letting him know.

He finished Trial of the Crusader, headed into Ulduar, quit the guild and logged out of the game.

March 29th, March 30th, March 31st, April 1st, April 2nd, April 3rd, April 4th, April 5th and April 6th

March 29th

I once again ran, this time a bit later than usual, and returned to play some league with my friends.

People in the North American servers seem to take the game too seriously, and that puzzles me.

Can’t understand why they try so hard to win virtual points.


March 30th

Oh no, couldn’t wake up early enough, and missed yet another class. Can’t seem to care all that much anymore, though.


March 31st

In the end, there weren’t any good movies playing after class, so we rescheduled once again to friday. Hope it works.


April 1st

It’s my uncle’s birthday. Other than that, not much to say.

Had a nice meal at grandma’s house, where he lives with her.


April 2nd

Easter is almost upon us, can hardly believe it.

I should make some chocolate, but my mother is hogging the kitchen all to herself.


April 3rd

Despite my trying to slim down and get a rhythm for running, my mother just scoffed at it in front of the whole family.

Talked about me as if I wasn’t even trying, and that makes me so angry.

Don’t want to spend any more time than needed with her.


April 4th

I haven’t talked to my mother since angrily leaving the table yesterday, and she’s so thick she can’t understand why I’m angry with her.

Sometimes I wonder if my father was right about her having a few screws loose, since she does seem to take after her father sometimes.


April 5th

Left home as soon as possible for my grandma’s. Barely wished my mother a mumbled “happy easter”, and that’s all I told her the whole day.
Was a nice day, but still I can’t stop thinking of how rude my mother was.


April 6th

Still don’t feel like talking to her.

I feel like skipping class just to spite her.

March 24th, March 25th, March 26th, March 27th and March 28th

Sheesh, I’ve gone and done it. Where has all the time gone?

Anyways, time for the update. (Just hope I still update more often than Esteban Winsmore.)


March 24th

I decided to call a colleague to go to the movies with me, and I hope it all goes well.

It’s scheduled for this friday, so I’ll make sure to be on time.


March 25th

Modelling in zBrush is very tough. I’ll need to practice more if I want a passing grade.

I always have trouble with the interface, and I quickly lose track of what I have to do.


March 26th

I, like always, woke up late on thursday.

I try my hardest to wake up on time always, so I’m beginning to think that day is cursed.


March 27th

My colleague isn’t feeling too good, so they rescheduled to tuesday.

Hehe, seems like that, whenever I’m on time, they either cancel or reschedule whatever we were meant to do.


March 28th

Just stayed at home and did a whole bunch of nothing.

One of my dullest days yet, and it, somehow, still manage to end before I knew it.

March 20th, March 21st, March 22nd and March 23rd

March 20th

My cousin came over to visit my family, and I’d forgotten about it entirely. Oh, how sad that is, I hope I can spend some time with her tomorrow.

March 21st

As I prepared to jog about, my cousin called me and asked, as sassily as possible, why I hadn’t rushed to meet her yet.

I said that it was my bad, but that I was definitely up for anything later, and we agreed to meet in a bar.

In the end, we didn’t go anywhere but my grandma’s house, but I bought her a big and nice-looking easter egg to make up to her.


March 22nd

Well, she’s gone, and I’ll take the blame for forgetting she was here. I really need to be more attentive to things.


March 23rd

I feel like I should drop out of this façace and study hard, so that I may be a translator.

I don’t think it’ll be any harder than what I am doing right now.

March 16th, March 17th, March 18th and March 19th

March 16th

I should have known better. I wound up too tired to wake up in time, and hurting all over my body.

From now on I’ll only run on saturdays or earlier in the week.

I need to study more french, or I’ll fall behind.


March 17th

I’m thinking of inviting a classmate to the cinema.

I wonder what they’d like to watch.


March 18th

I woke up late, and the classmate wasn’t there for me to ask them out. Oh well.

Hopefully they’ll be there next time.

I’m feeling kind of sick, so maybe it’s for the best.

Decided to skip french today and class tomorrow.


March 19th

Such a cold day! My feet have been aching for most of it, other than that, nothing happening except for the take down of many manga websites, which I find puzzling.

March 14th and 15th

March 14th

As I woke up, an overpowering stench greeted me. Apparently, the puppies decided to use my room as their toilet, and I was immediately knocked out upon waking up.

A few hours later, I disappointedly woke up too late to run.

I’ll run tomorrow one way or the other.


March 15th

I’ve decided I’ll run late and figure out a time when my friends and I can run together on the afternoon.


I decided upon 16:30, maybe 17:30 as a good time to start running in the afternoon.

Sun is high enough that we can see, low enough that we don’t get burnt.

I just hope I am not too tired tomorrow to function.

March 13th

I woke up after sleeping for 14 hours, still feeling very tired and with a headache.

I seemed to improve and get less and less tired as the day progressed though. I think I might have trouble sleeping tonight.

March 12th

It seems that the rain washed away that episode of my mother versus my father, but I’m feeling kind of sick.

Didn’t rain today, but I’m sure it’ll start again as soon as I get up to run tomorrow.

If it does, I don’t know if I’ll risk slipping and breaking something or if I’ll stay home and do nothing.

March 8th, March 9th, March 10th and March 11th

March 8th

My mother told me that she’s taking legal action against my father, and that I’ll have to stand by in the building should I be called as a witness for or against him.

I’m kind of shaken now, but I’ll try to at least pay attention to my studies.

March 9th

It isn’t working. I hate that my mother and my father are still in such bad terms that they refuse to meet outside of a courtroom.

Seems like they’ll be fighting in court tomorrow.


When I left for the french class, it started raining a lot, and I couldn’t help but enter the class somewhat wet, despite my mother leaving me right at the door.

March 10th

After sitting in a hallway for 1 hour, my brother and I were called in to sign a leaf of paper and then we returned home.

It was raining a lot as we left, even more than the day before. Fitting for the mood.

March 11th

This rain won’t leave me alone!

Every time I leave any building, it starts raining, and it stops when I enter a new one, I swear.

When class was over, I headed to a photo shop to get some pictures taken for my student card, and as soon as I left to take the subway, it started raining, but when I arrived at the station I needed, it had stopped.

However, as soon as I left that cover behind, the rain started again until I got home 15 minutes later, stopping within 5 minutes of me entering the house.

Then, some 4 hours later, when I left for the french class, my mother drove me to the subway and, as soon as I left the station by the french course, it started raining again. Took me 20 minutes to get to class, and I think I’ll be getting a cold because of that.

I’ll stay home tomorrow.